Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pretty as a princess

Morning folks!

Sunday's rolled around again, and we have a fun challenge at Paper Sundaes--to make a card following the theme "Pretty as a Princess".

For my card I went my own way on this--never one to follow the road most travelled LOL!

I used the WOJ Rogue Charlotte image that Simon Says (this weeks sponsor) carries, and my card is for empowered princesses :-)

When I was a girl I refused to wear pink or ruffles, and was enchanted with the idea of princesses who would sneak out of the castle and dress as commoners for adventures, so to celebrate my ideal of a princess, here you go :-)

And did you see--we dug the sewing machine out of the crawl space, cleaned it off, read the manual, threaded it (that took a while to figure out!  and I managed a bit of (not so perfect) sewing!  Yay!  I have been inspired by all the sewing I'm seeing here in blogland on cards, and finally decided I had to join in.

I'm very open to suggestions as to how to use my sewing machine-- it is a Singer and there are a lot of knobs and things that I am afraid to touch.  One problem is that it skips spots here and there, as you can see on the left hand side about mid way up.  Why is it doing that?  Also, what do you do on the corners so it doesn't look all gimped?  PLEASE give me some pointers!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  If you have time to play along with us we'd like to see your version of a Pretty as a Princess card :-)


  1. Oh how cute love how you did the trees in the background so real looking --are they stamped on vellum? Great card

  2. love the trees in the mist Kristina - great card!
    sewing machine - I use mine, but I'm not an expert..maybe if you made smaller stitches (the zig-zags closer together) it would get easier to turn the corner where you want it..oh and when I turn in the corner I'm leaving the needle stuck in the card, so the next side starts from the same point where the previous ended - clear as a mud? ;)

  3. Love the misty trees. Is that stamped on vellum? Great job on the flourish for balance - I just get frustrated and give up.

    I like your idea of princesses. I have never been a princess girl either.

    I second Alicaz's comment about leaving the needle in to turn corners. I also find that if I know I will be going around corners, I use straight stitches and only use zig zag if I won't be turning corners or the corners will be hid because they will overlap and not look perfect. (At least not for me)

  4. Wow, great card Kristina the trees & the vellum look fantastic! Can't help with the sewing AT ALL! I have a machine and keep saying I'm going to use it! I do have a card I need to make with a sewing them so maybe I'll get inspired :) Happy Sundae!

  5. OMG! This is gorgeous! I love that she isn't wearing pink and how on earth have you done the background it looks so realistic! I LOVE IT!!!!xxx

  6. Wow - GORGEOUS!!! I love how you used the vellum. Beautiful technique!

  7. What a great background and fun image.

  8. WOWEE this has some serious fab factor to it! STunning!

  9. the trees in the back look so real - love that they look like standing in the mist.
    Gorgeous Card.
    Hugs Sandra

  10. Good googa mooga! This is fantastic! I totally love it, so creative and so many different elements! You totally rocked this!
    Hugs, Marsha