Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Tree Decoration

Such a festive time, with sparkling lights and colourfully decorated trees....This year I decided to try using some of those plastic hollow ornament balls I got on clearance last boxing day from Micheals, and make my own ornament.

I love how it came out, but have to confess it was a lot of work to get the image in there just right....picture me with tweezers trying to move it around while hubby holds the plastic ball thing....

The main image is a digi by Paper Garden Projects. which I printed twice, once the "normal" way, and once flipped to be it's mirror image (Using Silhouette software).  The printed, handcut and coloured with Copics.  The background circle (image also from Paper Garden Projectswas printed from the printer on to an Acetate sheet, then after it dried I rubbed gold ink on the edges.  The 2 images were then glued on either side of it.  All that wasn't the hard part, as mentioned, getting it in to the ball just so was.  After that I added some glitter stuff in to the ball to float around the bottom, and some ribbon treatment on the mouth/top of the ball.

After all that effort it's a good thing that the final product looked good!

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