Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where did half a year go??

I see it's been over 6 months since I posted on my blog, and scarily enough, it's been almost that long since I last made a card!  At least the last posting featured a fabulous card, LOL! 

Anyway, I am back!!!  After a harrowing six months involving long work hours and also too many hours playing Candy Crush while commuting, it is time to come back to blogland and card making.  Though probably not posting as frequently as before, I've decided to make this blog a bit more varied and interesting by include an occasional post about a recipe, book review, travel, or other item. 

I'm excited to be home on the first day of a 2 week vacation break from the office--yay!  The plan for the afternoon is to unearth my craft room, and over the course of this week make and post some cards for you.  Over 6 months I'm guessing there have been lots of stamp releases and new styles emerging, and it's going to be fun to visit blogland and so many of your blogs as I can to see what's fresh and new :-) 

So stay tuned here for some posts in the next week with new card creations, as well as a post to tell you about my adventures with fake nails, gel polish, and nail stamps (did you know there are STAMPS for nails???!  now there are both card stamps AND nail stamps to shop for, oh my!), and maybe I'll give you a glimpse in to some books I've been reading lately on the long, long daily commute (apart from the Harlequin romances that I would never confess to owning), so stay tuned!


  1. Welcome back . Look forward to seeing your posts again .

  2. Oh my goodness. You are alive. I was beginning to wonder. ;-) I can't wait to hear about nail stamps.

  3. Hey Kristina, welcome back to land of blogging :)

  4. Glad to see you back in blogland...Confessing that I was TRULY worried about you there for quite sometimes, since I never got any replies to my pm's via FB and SCS..........