Monday, August 31, 2009

Using leftovers

Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen island, which had been taken over by craft supplies (am I the only one this happens too?), and came across a bunch of leftover bits from my prior cards. I managed to put together this great Christmas Card using a scrap piece of stamped image with other odds and ends.

The focus is a small panel/portion of the Thomas Kinkaid stamp Village Christmas. The background sheet was the oopsie one from a prior card where the little snowflakes just didn't go. The ribbon was a leftover edge where I'd cut it too long.

As a thrifty hoarder I'm thrilled when I get a chance to use scraps that might otherwise have been {gasp!) thrown away.

So, my question to you is, how large or small a piece of ribbon or paper do you keep to use later?


  1. I keep pretty small bits of ribbon and paper because I hate to waste. I'd say probably anything 2X2 and larger. If it's a paper I love I will keep it if I can get a punch out of it. I keep my scraps organized by color so they are easier to find and use. If ribbon is long enough to be folded and stabled to a card or page I keep it in a jar in my craft room.

    LOL! That makes me sound nuts but i have made all kinds fo beautiful things out of scraps left over from my album pages. :) I am loving your blog by the way.

  2. what a pretty card! I love to find ways of using "scraps" too. I put nearly all paper scraps in a bin then every once and awhile I go thru and sort by colors into an accordian file folder and put the pieces I won't used in a bag to give away on freecycle. I keep ribbon pieces if they are big enough to tie a knot in.. otherwise they go.

    Oh yeah sometimes I get the scraps and use punches and throw what cant be punched out...