Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holiday pics

Hi all!

Thank you all for your patience the last few weeks with my short posts and my lack of commenting.  We had a fabulous vacation, despite (because of? LOL!) the intermittent internet access.  After three weeks away we are now home and settling in.  I've been sorting through my +1300 photo's and thought I'd share a few with you today :-)

The first morning we got there we got up early and took some beautiful shots of the beach:

We had great plans to get up early every day, but it only happened twice on our trip LOL!

This is the beach area where we spent most of our time.  They had a bar, grill and ice cream parlour all located right there on the beach.

Here's a pic of the bar area.  Everyone there was super friendly--we made a bunch of new friends chatting up the other guests.  The bartenders, Marcello and Oswaldo, were very patient with my complicated drink orders, and always quick to make sure we didn't go thirsty.

Our room for the first week of our stay was very close to the beach with a fabulous view.  

I spent a lot of time on that deck looking at the view, people watching, and reading.  Hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas, and I spent a lot of time reading it.  I think it paid for itself in weight allowance!

We moved to a Villa for the last two weeks since we had friends joining us.  We wound up staying in two different ones while we were there, since we had to move from one to the other after a couple of days, but luckily we have got the moving rooms thing down pat so it wasn't too interuptive.  Here's a pic of one of the Villas -- they really are over the top fabulous!!!

Once a week there was a beach party at night, with lots of Champagne flowing, and we made sure to enjoy each of them....even the one the week of the Super Bowl (yes, they did actually play the football game on the big screen on the beach!).  There was great music and dancing and it was a highlight for me since I love loud music and dancing :-)

We left the resort for a day trip to a little sandbar in the middle of the ocean,  

Now we are home, but I'm sure we'll spend many happy hours looking at our pics in the months to come.  For today though, I think I have some crafting to do!


  1. Welcome home! Beautiful photos you shared. Looks like you had a fabulous time and the resort looks amazing! :)

  2. Where is that peace of heaven? :)
    Stunning pictures, love the morning one. Welcome home I'm sure you are all charged up with energy for crafting :)

  3. OH it looks amazing!

    Where abouts was it?

    SO fun indeed, you'll have to start scrapping now! hehe!

  4. Amazing shots - looks like you had a blast! What I wouldn't give for a piece of that kind of tranquility and WARMTH right now! LOL!

  5. Oh man, I can only dream about a vacation like that!!! Lucky girl!

  6. Great photos, Kristina! It looks so wonderful there!