Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It's that time of year when there are gift exchanges (and last minute shopping!) happening, and this cute Ildi Co. Snopal seems so appropriate right now.  I was proud to make this card entirely (except for white base) from scraps in my to make a lot more doing that!

I hope you all have your shopping done.  I, of course, had mine done weeks ago (note, you have no way of verifying that).  Is everything wrapped and under the tree?  Are the decorations up?  Remember, Christmas is about fun and family, and if the "bling" isn't all perfect it's not a big deal!  Kind of like a card, the bling is nice, but it's the whole thing and main image that are really the most important.


  1. Another great card Kristina! I love what you create with these snopals, the embossed BG looks great :)

  2. What a cute card! And well done to make it entirely out of scraps! I'm just ignoring anything that didn't get done at this point. (lol- especially in light of the fact that I'm supposed to be cleaning the living room right now, and instead am surfing!) Wishing you a merry Christmas and a fantastic 2010!