Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas is coming!

So the mass production of cards has continued, and my cards are almost all ready but none of them have been written in them or mailed yet....eek!  Am I the only one???

Here is a cute card I made this past week that was super quick to make and I think looks great, especially in person.  I used a freebie digi from MarkerGuru for this (still available, you may want to snag it while you can!).
I used some new fuzzy flock stuff I just got recently on the white parts of the hat, which is nice since it feels fuzzy when you feel it, and it does a good job of hiding the red ink that went where it shouldn't of LOL!

So an update on my Christmas readiness....Tree is up, but I realize now it is pitifully bare, and hubby says no new decorations till they go on clearance on the 26th....think I will make some of my own ornaments, we'll see!.....the outside lights are up, just a few but enough....I have baked one type of cookie (out of my normal 6 or so) and one christmas cake.....
What about you all?  how are your Christmas preparations going???


  1. A really gorgeous card!! Looks amazing!
    Hugs Kristel

  2. Kristina, I am at about the same point as you... Christmas cards are not quite done, and not a single one is written in or addressed! :O Tree is up and decorated, and dh and kids put up some lights outside while I was away, but nothing else is done! Barely touched my shopping, I only have a couple of gifts total. No baking, no cleaning, company arrives in 2 days... Aaaaaa.... maybe we should just run away and come back in January? LOL

  3. Oh, and your card is really cute, sorry I forgot to include that! LOL... are the words part of the paper, or is that a background stamp?

  4. I'm right there with you on the Christmas card "situation" (as I now refer to it). Mine are finished but I haven't written in them or addressed them yet. I'm not excited for how long it will take to get all 130 of them finished...ugh! I seem to fall behind at the last minute every year. Love your adorable card! The fuzz on the hat adds so much texture along with the felt snowflakes. Very cute!

  5. I love it :D chocolatey!
    He looks like a stocking stuffer XD I love the flocky stuff!

    I mailed all my cards day before yesterday, but I don't have to "make" mine, I just printed my art on strathmore cards, LOL.

    we don't decorate our place - its just toooo cluttered, but we did decorate my mums house and put up her tree. her tree is all bird ornaments, and stuff.
    WE took pictures:

    You know, the Bay (at least the one downtown) sometimes has a PRE-Christmas ornament sale just to clear out their stock - last year they were 75% off if I recall correctly. We got some then.

    WHEEE :D 11 days :D

  6. Adorable image, love those snowflakes!

    I have not got around to sending anyone Christmas Cards and doubt I will at this point. So bad! Oh well theres next year lol.

  7. Cute as can be, I mailed my last one today, (I think), but still have loads to do!!!

  8. I'm on a deadline. We are celebrating the big "1st" b-day at our house so I need to be ready to entertain by the 19th. EEK. Tree is up. Door swag made. One birthday cake (of three) done. House ornaments up. Cards made - I almost have enough for next year. I have about 6 of the 50 cards left to write letters for and mail.

    To do:
    - Christmas baking (at least 3 types of cookies)
    - Birthday dinner prep
    - Presents for 4 people
    - Photo calendar.

    Now if the kids would just get over the flu!

    I really like this image by Marker Guru. I keep meaning to make a card from it. Very cute card.

  9. This is totally adorable. What a cute image! I love flocking! It's so easy to use and really is give a great look!
    Still have some cards to finish. Haven't even started the cards for my hubby. No wrapping done and the only decoration up to date is the wreath on the front door. I am hopeless this year!

  10. d'aww! SO CUTE. I've never flocked (oh my crafting ladies would have a field day with that) but you certainly make it look great!

  11. Hello Kristina. Your card is so delightful and what a super cute image. Happy crafting.
    With love, Sandra xxx

  12. What a sweet card, love that little image and the flock is perfect. I am pretty much done, just need to get a couple of stocking stuffers and wrap a couple of presents, but I still panic. I am sure your house looks great.

  13. Too cute. I havent done ONE single thing for Christmas yet.. and usually my tree is up by end of November!

  14. Super cute! Love how you colored the image and the flocking is perfect. Your card is also perfect for our snowflake theme challenge this week at Hand Stamped Sentiments.

    I hope you join us. TFS

  15. Kristina, this is just fabulous! I love the cute lil image and the big snowflakes - perfection! I have some of my cards done too but only 3 or so in the mail, lol - wayyy behind this year (again!) If I could postpone Christmas by one week, I sure would - I'm just not ready! Hope all is well! x0x0