Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coffee Sentiments? Looking for ideas....

Well, I'm looking for some ideas about coffee sentiments...I'm hoping you all can give me some ideas! :-)

I've got this great image from Ildico, Cuddles Coffee, and it was easy to colour and so cute (how I LOVE these teddies), and yet I don't want to make just another cute card (I make a LOT of those!), I want to make a useful or quirky card (not so easy for unimaginative me). 

I have been known in the past to "cheat" by messaging one of my card making friends who seems to be able to come up with good sentiments for anything, but instead I thought I'd throw it open this time.

So far I've come up with "Retirement is one big coffee break", which will be very useful since I seem to have many folks around me retiring lately. What are your ideas?

I am curious, what type of sentiments would you use on a card with this image?

And to make it kind of like a contest, I will send a finished card using the suggested sentiment to (a) the first person with a suggestion, and also to (b) the person who contributes my favorite of the suggestions. 

Can't wait to see what ideas you have!..


  1. One of my faves: A morning without coffee is like sleep. ~Author Unknown

  2. what about "take it easy" or "relax" or "take a break"?

  3. Here is one I like - it's from my Flourishes set:

    A cup of coffee shared with friend is happiness tasted & time well spent.