Thursday, November 26, 2009

Snowflake challenge

Today's card was inspired by a Snowflake challenge (including tutorial) at KL Stampin N Scrappin Blog
In person, the snowflake is amazing, and it was made following the tutorial at the KL Stampin site.  The image is an Ildi Co Snowpal, one of my favorites since it's so sweet and mushy, and how often to you find a stamp of two snowfolk kissing?!  I meant to save this card for my husband for Christmas and then wound up showing it to him, so guess I need to make another.  Maybe if I save it for valentines (it's often snowy then!) he won't remember it anymore.


  1. I love the way had the ribbon go through the eyelets, it looks great! The snowflake is very pretty and I love the inking you added to the background of the image :)

  2. What a cute card!!! That snowflake is so pretty.

  3. OOO, pretty snowflake!! And what a cute snowcouple too! :) Great card! Thanks so much for entering our SNOWFLAKE Challenge at KLSNS!! :)

  4. OH! Sweet image! I love your snowflake!!

    Thanks for playing the KLSNS Snowflake challenge!!