Friday, May 7, 2010

Flowery saturday

Saturday is here, I hope it is a happy creative day for you!  Last week was very productive for me--in some ways.  I got very little homework done {groan!}, and was obviously procrastinating, and managed to make a lot of cards, get caught up on swaps, and even do some house cleaning.  Funny how a fridge can be grungy for a while, but when there's schoolwork to be done suddenly cleaning it out seems imperative, LOL!

Anyway, here's one of my creations from this creative phase:

I dug out my stampin up markers to do the direct stamping technique, and used my copics and airgun for the background.  Thank you again to Alica for the fabulous butterflies!

I made a number of cards the day I made this one and when hubby looked at them all, and I asked the dreaded question as to which he liked best, this is the one he picked....not sure why, think he liked the colours, it always surprises me which ones we picks.

So, dear readers, I am off to the Copic Certification class in a couple of weekends, and have to start thinking of the questions I want to ask/techniques I want to make sure I work on/learn.  Any ideas you have to get me started brainstorming on this?  is there a technique you think I should improve, or something you want to know about that I can go and learn and report back here on?  Let me know!


  1. wow!.. this card is definately on my fave list too! :D

  2. Oh - love this one. I've always really liked this stamp. Will play with it when we get together. The colours are fab.

  3. wow, this is gorgeous...I need that stamp.....fabulous style...have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  4. such a beautiful flower card and I love the little butterflies.
    enjoy your weekend,
    hugs, annie x

  5. Gorgeous card - I love your subtle background!!!!!

  6. Fantastic card! Have fun at your class!

  7. I love how this technique turned out! Lovely card!